Inside of the scent sample booklet showing descriptive copy and Scent-a-Peel labels that allow consumers to experience fragrance oils.

Scent Sample Guide


What It Is

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Not quite ready to purchase an AIRIA device? Want to experience all eight of our fragrances before choosing? Request a Scent Sample Guide to be delivered straight to your mailbox!

  • Scent-a-Peel® labels provide an authentic way to smell our fragrance oils
  • Booklets delivered quickly via USPS
  • Create an account when you order to quickly purchase a device when ready

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Complimentary shipping & return.
  • 60-day, money-back guarantee.
  • Easy fragrance exchange if you do not like the scent that came with your AIRIA device. *Limit one per customer


Scent Sample Booklet

Experience all of our fragrances before buying. Request a Scent Sample Booklet to be delivered straight to your mailbox.

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