Red apples and Bartlett pears enveloped in creamy sandalwoods

Inspired design Meticulous engineering.

Dedicated to developing modern, on-trend home care.

The Essence of Our Beginnings

Inspired design. Meticulous engineering.

We invite you to AIRIA — the place we call home — and to share in our commitment to quality, dedication to the uncomplicated, and passion for the finer things. We pride ourselves on crafting with integrity and designing with intent, all while keeping you, your space, and your life in mind.

“At AIRIA, we aim to create highly functional, aesthetically pleasing home care devices that are not only exceptionally designed, but also exceptionally made.”

Who We Are

Meet our team.

AIRIA was founded by a diverse team of designers, engineers, scientists, and fragrance experts who were tired of the shortcomings of existing home scenting products. For years, we’ve iterated on connected fragrance devices that truly delivered on the promise of whole home ambience. After a few failed experiments, a successful Indiegogo campaign, and a debut at CES, we are proud to finally introduce AIRIA to a broader audience.

Everything we create — from exquisite scents to innovative technology — is made with one goal in mind: to help you effortlessly express your personal style.

Our team is a diverse group of people committed to bringing you innovative home technology.