Person inserting Lavernder scent cartridge into an airia device that is sitting on a marble side table in a livingroom setting

Precision delivery.
Whole-home fragrance.

AIRIA’s patented technology gives you ultimate control in creating a just-right scent experience for up to 1,500 square feet on a single floor.

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Say Goodbye to Fading Scents

Consistently noticeable fragrance.

Because every micro-droplet is precisely metered and our perfume composition stays uniform throughout the life of the cartridge, you get a consistent scent experience from the first day until the last.

Whole-Home Coverage

Fragrance that travels.

AIRIA’s micro-droplets are 20 microns in size, allowing them to travel from room to room by floating along your home’s natural air flow. The tiny droplets quickly evaporate, filling your home with enjoyable fragrance.

Effortless Control

Just-right fragrance, on your schedule.

A person inserting a fragrance cartridge into the top of the AIRIA device.

Effortless Control

Easily turn AIRIA on and off, adjust fragrance intensity settings from 1-10 and interchange fragrances.

A person sitting near their AIRIA controlling the device over Wi-Fi through the companion app on their smartphone.

App Control

All the manual controls plus the ability to create scent schedules, adjust ambient light color and brightness, and set preferences.

A person inserting a fragrance cartridge into the top of the AIRIA device.

Voice Control

Since AIRIA is compatible with Alexa, you can use unique voice commands to ensure amazing ambience on-demand.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Personalization at home or on-the-go.

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Create fragrance and light schedules that fit your lifestyle.

fragrance controls icon

Adjust fragrance intensity, track cartridge level and reorder from the app.

ambient light control icon

Change ambient light color and brightness for a cool glimmer or a mood-boosting glow.

Handheld smartphone showing the AIRIA app scent screen, where you can change scent intensity and check fragrance levels.
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AIRIA comes in a branded box to your door. The AIRIA device stands 6.5 inches tall and is 3.75 inches wide at the base.

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Customer satisfaction.

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Easy fragrance exchange
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